Xiaomi smartwatch now on sale with its lowest price

The model in question is the Xiaomi Redmi Watch, specifically the one that is finished in black both in its metal casing and in the silicone strap that it includes. This is a wearable accessory that has a screen of 1.4 inch color that has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, so the information it displays looks pretty good definition. With a curved finish on its sides, it should be noted that despite the dimensions of the aforementioned panel, the weight of this equipment is only 35 grams.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch smartwatch screen

One of the details in which this product stands out is what it has to do with autonomy. The one offered by this Xiaomi smartwatch reaches seven days of usual use with just one charge, which speaks very well of the work done by the manufacturer to make the most of its rechargeable battery of 230 mAh. By the way, this is possible among other things because the embedded operating system is proprietary, which makes it impossible to install additional applications. Of course, enough are included to make the most of the usual functions such as setting alarms or being able to manage the notifications that arrive on the synchronized smartphone.

Good protection on the Xiaomi Redmi Watch

We say this because, among other things, protection is included on the screen so that you do not suffer from day to day. But especially remarkable it turns out that this is a model that offers water resistance up to five atmospheres, so you can wear it both when going for a run, since sweat does not affect it and also when swimming in the pool. A good additional detail that this Xiaomi smartwatch has is that it is possible change strap It includes, so in case of deterioration or simply by wanting to change the appearance of the smart watch, you can do this very easily.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch with water

Offer for this Xiaomi smartwatch

This we believe that right now it is vital as a purchase decision to get the accessory we are talking about, since the discount assistant arrives at 35% of its usual price and, therefore, you can get it by paying only 61.27 euros. A very low figure for a good quality sports smartwatch. We leave below the link that you have to use to take advantage of the flash offer in the Gearbest store where you only have to pay € 0.16 for shipping costs.

It is important to comment before finalizing that the connectivity offered by this model is Bluetooth 5.0 to synchronize with phones, something that gives it excellent compatibility with practically 100% of the devices on the market. In addition, it does not lack sensors, such as the one for heart rate or an accelerometer, to detect daily physical activity and even up to seven different sports modalities automatically (among which are running, swimming or cycling).

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