Xiaomi Smart TV on offer for only 199 euros and free shipping

The TV we are talking about is the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, a model that meets what can be expected from a device that does not have the objective of offering the highest possible quality. The dimensions of this product are 32 inches and the resolution is placed in the HD strip, so it is more than enough to enjoy television channels, console games and even not to miss the movies and series that are on streaming video platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It should be noted that the angle of view it offers is quite good, since it reaches 178 degrees and, in addition, it is important to comment that the frequency reaches 60 Hz.

Front of the Smart TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4A

In what has to do with the quality of the sound, it must be said that this is stereo and consists of two speakers that add a power of 10 W. What is usually more than enough for the rooms and the kitchen as is the usual objective of this Xiaomi Smart TV. Some additional details on this device that are positive in this section is sound compatibility Dolby and that includes Bass Boost technology that enhances the bass. Something that we think is quite positive about the model we are talking about is that its dimensions are quite contained, which allows it to be easily placed almost anywhere. They are as follows: 478 x 733 x 100 mm.

A connectivity that meets this Xiaomi Smart TV

This is a section that is quite important, since it is common to have different accessories connected to the television, such as consoles or multimedia players. The fact is that the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A includes options that can be considered as sufficient, since for example it has two HDMI ports and one more USB. In addition, it does not lack other options such as composite video input or S / PDIF audio output. To access the Internet with options such as Ethernet.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A connections

Good purchase offer

Right now what can you do with this TV paying alone 199.90 euros, an amount of the most striking for a television that is complete enough to be a good solution in the rooms. With a striking design that pay nothing for shipping costs If you are one of those who have an Amazon Prime account, we leave you below the link that you have to use to not miss this opportunity:

Before concluding it is important to comment that this device has quite powerful superior hardware, such as a quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM. With this, the operating system Android that it includes runs quite reliably and you will not have problems when it comes to enjoying all the applications that can be installed, including games and clients of services hosted in the cloud.

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