Xiaomi smart scale on offer now for less than 20 euros

The specific model that you can get right now without leaving home is the My Smart Scale, which is one of the best currently offered by the Asian company. This, among other things, includes a white finish where it exists tempered glass that allows it to fit perfectly in all types of bathrooms. In addition, as its dimensions are quite small (30 x 30 x 2 centimeters) there is no difficulty when placing it in the spaces that are available.

Xiaomi smart scale

In the upper area of ​​the Xiaomi smart scale on offer there are four metal electrodes which are what allow to acquire the information. Apart from offering the option of knowing the weight of course, this model is much more useful, since it provides other information that is interesting. Some examples are the Body Mass Index (BMI); the amount of water that exists in the body; and even the muscle mass you have at all times. Therefore, its usefulness is great, something that is very clear because all this can be sent to smartphones by using the Mi Fit application that is compatible with iOS and Android.

A great offer that you should not miss

We say this because right now on Amazon you can get this accessory with a discount that is 33% of the price that it usually has on Amazon, so the savings are quite considerable which allows you only have to pay 19.99 euros to have the Xiaomi smart scale on sale at home (in addition, you do not have to add anything for shipping if you have a Prime account). Compatible with Bluetooth To synchronize with phones and tablets, we leave the purchase link that you make with this accessory comfortably from home.

Things that are important in this Xiaomi smart scale on offer

One of them is that thanks to the fact that the Mi Smart Scale has an internal memory it allows to manage up to 16 users different and carry out an individualized monitoring of each one of them (each of them is recognized automatically simply by standing on the scale). In this way, a history of the information that this accessory acquires can be established, which is always positive for many. By the way, thanks to its excellent finish, this is a product that it has no problem with humidity that usually exists in bathrooms.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 smart scale with a dog

Finally, it should be noted that this scale uses four AAA batteries as an energy source, which allow use without change for more than six months, which is not bad. As for its work, it allows to use it with weights of up to 150 kilos with a reading precision of fifty grams, so it is quite accurate.

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