Xiaomi smart bulb with a big discount now for only 10 euros

The model we are talking about is the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential, which is one of the best offered by the Asian company currently on the market. One of the great features offered by this model is being able to manage up to 16 million colors (where all the shades of white are not lacking, including warm), which allows you to provide very specific atmospheres in the rooms of your house. If you wonder about the power it offers, this is 9 W, which is not bad for an LED type model, since we are talking about an equivalence of sixty watts in incandescent bulbs.

Smart bulb Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential in white color

This Xiaomi smart bulb features Wifi which makes it possible for you to control it from anywhere you have an Internet connection. In this way, using the app My Home from the Asian manufacturer, because from turning on and off the accessory we are talking about to varying the light intensity. This, among other things, is positive, since you can manage this function quite simply so that it is a deterrent when it comes to preventing your house from being stolen (since it is quite correctly simulated that you are in it). By the way, the compatibility of this option is excellent, since you can use it both with devices ios like those that use the operating system Android… Come on, without any restriction.

Important options for this accessory

One of those that should always be known is that the energy efficiency class offered by this accessory is A +, so it is possible that by using it you lower the electricity bill that you usually have. In addition, it is capable of working with a range of color temperature that goes from 1,700 to 6,500 kelvins something that is sure to be used and exploited on a constant basis. Another option that is important to comment on is that it is possible to reach 950 lumens, so you will have a very large light amplitude so this is a model that fits both for small rooms up to for rooms over thirty square meter.

Interior of the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential Smart Bulb

Offer to buy this Xiaomi smart bulb

At the moment in Amazon what can you do with this product paying only 10 euros, what is it? half of what you would normally have to pay so that you can send it to you from the aforementioned online store. Without a doubt, we believe that this complete smart bulb is a bargain considering the existing offer and the large number of functions it has, among which stands out being able to control it with an application as we have indicated and that its consumption is quite low. This is the purchase link that you must use where you will not have to pay nothing for shipping if you have a Prime account.

A couple of final details that we must indicate is that the cap of this model is type E27, so its compatibility is excellent (It must be taken into account that its weight is 100 grams). Besides, it is important to indicate that it is possible to establish a timer which is always the most useful.

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