Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner on sale on Amazon and with free shipping

The model we are talking about is the Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro Vacuum, one of the best options offered by the Asian company in the current market. Therefore, we are talking about a good choice. In what has to do with the design there are good details, since for example the model on offer is the one in color black, which is striking. Thanks to its circular appearance it has no problem with corners and, furthermore, because the thickness of this model is only 94.5 mm, is able to clean under the armchairs are problems.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro Vacuum vacuum cleaner in black color

When it comes to connectivity, one of the things that stands out most about this model is that it includes Wifi. This allows you to access the Internet through your home router and therefore can be controlled from anywhere with your phone as long as you have a connection. By the way, the application that is used for this is compatible with iOS and with Android, and is downloaded free of charge from the official stores of both operating systems. Therefore, the compatibility is excellent.

A time of use that is more than enough

Nothing less than 130 minutes It is what you can work without having to return to the charging base, something that it does automatically, more than enough time to be able to clean a house with more than 80 square meters without problems. This is achieved, among other things, because the battery inside this device has a charge of 3,200 mAh, which is quite good compared to other models that can be purchased currently on the market. Therefore, the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner on offer meets perfectly.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro Vacuum vacuum cleaner brushes black

Get this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner on sale

Right now there is a discount on Amazon that reaches the 12%, so you only have to pay 307.99 euros to have this model at home without having to add anything for shipping costs. Therefore, an excellent option for a quality robot vacuum cleaner that, among other things, allows a complete mapping of the house to be carried out so that its operation is as efficient as possible. We leave the link that you have to use from your computer or phone to buy this model that has a storage space for dust that reaches 0.3 liters, which is more than enough.

Some other details that should be known about this Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro Vacuum is that, for example, it is not one of the loudest models that exist, since at maximum power it reaches 70 dB only. Besides, it does not lack a good number of sensors that prevents unexpected bumps and falls, so it can be used independently (and if necessary, it can be used to wipe the floor with a damp cloth without this being its main function).

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