Xiaomi repeater on offer that is very complete and has a great design

This accessory has the task of amplifying the wireless signal emitted by the router that you have installed in your house. And for this it offers several virtues, among which stand out not having to use any cables to achieve this and that you do not generate a second network to which you have to connect, since it uses the same name and password which has the one you usually use. Therefore, you will not find any type of difficulty in the operation, since it can be considered as practically innocuous.

WiFi repeater iaomi Mi WiFi Range Extender Pro

Other of the good features that you will find in the Xiaomi Mi Pro WiFi Range Extender, is everything that has to do with its design. Colored plastic finish black high resistance, its appearance is quite striking and also the two antennas that it integrates do not clash especially, since we are talking about an accessory that will be connected to a wall socket. The dimensions of this product are 6.9 x 6.9 x 3.5 cm, so it does not usually jump a lot in the place you choose to install it. By the way, the configuration process is very simple, since you will simply have to use an application that is downloaded for free for phones ios Y Android.

Good performance on this Xiaomi repeater on offer

If you ask about the ability to work offered by this device, you should know that it is capable of reaching the 300 Mbps, so in principle it is more than enough to consolidate the internet connection that you have at home in practically every corner. You should also take into account its operation includes working with frequencies of 2.4 GHz so even cordless robot vacuums work perfectly. The fact is that it is recommended that this is the one you use with the router you have at home (if it is the one that the operator provided you, almost certainly this will be the case, so you will not have to do anything).

Using the iaomi Mi WiFi Range Extender Pro app

Get now the Xiaomi Mi Pro WiFi Range discounted

At this time you can enjoy a discount that we believe is very important and that allows you to get this product for only 16.68 euros. This means that you save 13% compared to the price that you would normally have to pay to make the purchase without leaving home. With shipping costs of only 0.41 euros, which is practically priceless, we leave you below the link that you have to use to not miss this opportunity and get a device that we believe is the most useful.

Before concluding, we want to indicate some characteristics that make this device one of the best WiFi repeaters on the market, especially taking into account the quality / price ratio. An example is that it has Ethernet in case you need to use cable at a specific time. In addition, it is what has to do with the security of each and every one of the 64 devices that can be connected at the same time take advantage of decryption WPA or if you want by MAC filter.

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