Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 laptop on offer at an irresistible price

This is a laptop that has many virtues as much as it has to do with the hardware as in the design. In this last section, it should be noted that its finish is metallic and, specifically, the model that you are going to be able to buy with a very important discount is that it has a pink color which makes it different and unmistakable. It is important to note is what has to do with weight this is one of the teams that remain in 1.5 kilos, so you can use it outside the home quite comfortably. In addition, the integrated ventilation system is really efficient and also stands out for making very little noise.

Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 laptop side

The operating system that you will find inside the Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 is Windows 10. Therefore, there is nothing strange in its use and the number of applications that exist so that you can take advantage of the equipment from the first moment is impressive (it does not lack anything at all). The screen that you will find on this computer is more than enough to be able to carry out any type of work, including editing, since its resolution is Full HD and the ratio it offers is 16: 9 for a more than solvent 14 inch that have become practically a standard in multipurpose notebooks.

A complete hardware in the Xiaomi RedmiBook 14

Without being the most powerful computer that you will find on the market, the components chosen by the manufacturer are more than enough so that you are more than clear that any type of program is going to run with excellent fluency. An example of what we say is that the processor inside it is a Intel Core i5-10210U It has 4 cores and is capable of working at a maximum frequency of up to 4.2 GHz (and without temperature problems due to the aforementioned good cooling system). In addition, it should be noted that in the section on the RAM You will not find any difficulty either, since the 8 GB you use are more than enough for all kinds of situations.

Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 laptop screen

There is a detail that we think is important to indicate: this is a computer that has a dedicated graphic that is added to the one in the processor. This is an NVIDIA GeForce MX250 Without being spectacular, it will allow you to play games with 3D graphics, such as the popular Fortnite.

Take advantage of your excellent discount

With all that we have said, it is very possible that this laptop catches your attention as the one chosen to replace the one you currently have. Well, you should know that right now it is possible to buy from home with a 48% discount this equipment, so you only have to pay 767.70 euros … a really low figure for a computer that works for everything. With storage type SSD thanks to an integrated 512 GB disk, this is an excellent choice that will quite possibly meet all the expectations you may have.

With an autonomy that reaches the 10 hours with typical use, and without many restrictions in what has to do with the brightness of the screen, it should be noted that when it comes to connectivity you will find both Bluetooth and Dual Band WiFi, so you will not have difficulty when accessing the Internet without cables. In addition, this Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 includes several USB 3.0 ports and you have output HDMI.

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