Xiaomi presents an air tower that you control with your mobile

The Asian manufacturer boasts a range of products that will not leave anyone indifferent. We can find from mobile phones, through a wide variety of wearables and even connected products such as smart lamps or air conditioners that you control with your mobile phone. We are talking about a new vertical air conditioner that boasts low consumption, in addition to the fact that pYou can control this air tower from your mobile phone.

Xiaomi Air Tower

A product with which you will save on the invoice

One of the great problems of any air conditioning with heat pump is your electricity consumption. The truth is that the electricity bill goes up notably in the winter months, but this new air tower from the Asian manufacturer will save you more than a headache.

Mainly because it has the highest energy efficiency so that your inverter compressor offer three levels of consumption. According to company calculations, you would save 11.3% per month of electricity consumption on your bill compared to an air conditioner with a heat pump and similar power.

Inside it has a large-format fan so that hot or cold air is distributed through the room where you have installed this impressive air tower that, although it is very powerful, stands out for being really silent, since it does not exceed 33 decibels when at full power.

Xiaomi Air Tower

It cleans itself and you control it with your mobile

Continuing with the benefits of this new product from the Beijing-based firm, say that this air tower has an automatic cleaning system, as well as blades with hydrophilic aluminum finishes to avoid possible drips. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, this three-level vertical air conditioner has support for Mi Home, the interface for smart products of the brand.

Xiaomi Air Tower Panel

In this way, you can use both voice assistant Xiao Ai like the Mijia application to control this device, being able to turn the tower on or off, adjust the temperature or program this air to turn on when you get home. Finally, say that this product boasts a cylindrical design, in addition to touch controls to adjust the tower to your liking and a remote control in case you don’t want to use the compatible app.

Regarding the price and launch date of this new Xiaomi air tower, it should be noted that the firm has just put this product on sale at a price of 5299 yuan, about 675 euros at the exchange rate. Without a doubt, a very interesting product, but due to its dimensions, it is quite difficult for us to see outside the Chinese borders. Although we can always try our luck through a distributor that sends Xiaomi products to Spain …

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