Xiaomi presents a bluetooth scale for the kitchen

We are talking about a product that was born as a result of collaboration between Xiaomi and HOTO, a manufacturer specialized in this type of product. And the result has been a smart scale that will surprise you with its usability and low price. As usual in this type of gadgets, the Beijing-based firm has launched this product through its collective financing page, where it has been overwhelmingly successful thanks to its low price.

Precision as the main exponent

Xiaomi scale

If you like cooking, you will know that it is vital that food weighings are as accurate as possible. Yes, there is a big difference between adding 50 grams of butter to adding 70 grams. And this is where this Xiaomi bluetooth kitchen scale comes in, as it offers an accuracy of 0.1 grams.

All thanks to the high precision sensor that hides inside to accurately measure the weight of any food, with a ratio of 1 to 3000 grams, so you can cook all kinds of dishes knowing that you are using the exact measurements. On the other hand, the firm has taken into account the units used in each country, so this bluetooth kitchen scale is capable of working with grams, milliliters, ounces, and pounds depending on what we need. It even allows you to switch between weight and volume too.

Links to your phone

Xiaomi scale

On an aesthetic level we find a very well worked product, something common in the solutions of the Asian firm, thanks to its tempered glass and aluminum finishes to give this bluetooth kitchen scale a commendable appearance. Add to that a diameter of 16.8mm, a thickness of 26.8mm and a net weight of approximately 342g for a perfect product in your kitchen. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, it boasts an integrated LED screen so you can see the weighings comfortably.

Although, you can also see it from your mobile phone. More than anything because This scale is compatible with Xiaomi’s Mijia ecosystem. Say that through the app you can have the weighings registered in real time, in addition to offering you different types of recipes depending on the foods you are using.

And if you are a coffee grower, do not miss its function to prepare the best coffee. Through its assistant, it will guide you step by step so that you know the amount of ground coffee you need, percentage of water depending on the coffee there is and even a record of the steaming time so that you know when your coffee will be in better conditions.

Without a doubt, a perfect product for those who love cooking and who It can now be purchased in China at a promotional price of 99 yuan, about 12 euros at the exchange rate.

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