Xiaomi portable printer for 69 euros and free shipping

This device has dimensions and weight that make it an excellent companion when you leave home, for example when going on vacation or simply when going on a route through the countryside. Specifically, what this Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo is the next: 12.4 x 8.5 x 2.46 centimeters and 181 grams, respectively. By the way, the finish of this model is white and the material used is polycarbonate, which ensures good resistance to possible falls that are suffered. All good, as you see.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Portable Printer

The communication offered by this device when leaving home is Bluetooth 5.0, so it is very easy to send content from smartphones to this Xiaomi portable printer (it allows up to three devices to use it at the same time, which is very positive if you are with a group of friends or family) . As far as compatibility is concerned, you will not have a problem, since everything is managed with the Mi Home application that is downloaded both for iOS as for Android at no cost from the official Apple and Google stores, respectively.

Print quality, more than enough

If this is something that worries you, the truth is that more than enough results are achieved to be able to give a souvenir to those who are with you and if you carry this pocket printer with you. With printing technology called ZERO INK, which prevents ink from being used on the device, the resolution offered by the Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo is 313 x 400 dpi using three-inch papers. Therefore, it is fulfilled perfectly. It is important to mention that the compatibility of this model with images is wide: it allows using files JPEG and PNG, which are the most common.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo portable printer in hand

Offer to get this Xiaomi portable printer

Right now you have to pay only 69 euros to have this model at home, without having to add anything for shipping costs if you have a Prime account. The fact is that we are talking about a good discount to get one of the best portable printers on the market and which is available on Amazon. We leave the link online shopping so you don’t have to leave home to complete the purchase and also has the option of doing AR jobs (dynamic options).

Other possibilities that this model has and that are interesting is that inside this model there is a 500 mAh battery, so it is possible perform twenty jobs without having to go looking for a socket to use your USB cable. Besides, the speed when printing is 45 seconds, so in a short time you have a color copy available that will be most useful for everyone to take a memory of what happened on a vacation trip. .

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