Xiaomi player with Android on offer now for less than 50 euros

The device we are talking about is one that is placed next to the television, since it is not a pendrive type such as Amazon’s Fire Stick TV. In any case, the dimensions of this product are not exactly exorbitant, since they remain in 17.2 x 10.2 x 5.2 cm (so it fits anywhere). By the way, its color is black so it does not clash next to the current TVs and that the vast majority have this color.

Another good detail of this Xiaomi player with Android is that it has access to the google assistant, which already clearly indicates the operating system that the device uses. Yes it is Android TV with a customization created by the Asian company itself, but that does not “prevent” having access to a large number of applications to personalize the use of the equipment. Thus, for example, it is possible to install the clients all streaming video services that exist today and even games that can be run as well, since a quad-core processor is included inside that ensures good performance in the Xiaomi Mi Box S.

Good offer to get this accessory

There is no doubt that this is a device with a good quality, since among other things it does not lack a remote control with which to control everything that has to do with the use of the player. Right now in the Amazon store you can get this accessory with a 17% discount, which means that you only have to pay 49.50 euros, without having to add anything for shipping if you have a Prime account. We leave the link To get this product from home, which is the one with a plug compatible with those used in Spain.

Connectivity in this Xiaomi player with Android

The television with which it is used (it can also be connected to a monitor), it uses HDMI which ensures great simplicity of use, since there is no loss when finding the corresponding port and the position of the cable used. Besides, this device does not lack so much WiFi as Bluetooth, allowing you to access the Internet without cables and use accessories such as wireless game controllers. Nor is it missing a 3.5-millimeter audio output.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S connected

Finally, it must be said that this Xiaomi player with Android is compatible with 4K HDR content, so you will not miss anything from platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Besides, we must not stop commenting that this product includes inside a Chromecast to send what you want from smartphones and, in addition, the sound allows the use of options such as Dolby.

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