Xiaomi player at a great discount now almost at half price

One of the things to know about this model is that it offers great ease of installation and use. In the first case it should be noted that to connect it to the TV you have at home you only need to use one port HDMI, so there is no loss and the compatibility offered by this Xiaomi Mi TV Box S is practically 100%. When it comes to use, there is good news for you, as a remote control in which it does not lack direct access buttons to streaming video platforms.

The video quality that this model has perfectly meets what may be needed today, since it reaches 4K at 60 FPS which is the most common today. Besides, and this is quite important, there is compatibility with HDR 10 and HLG, so it is capable of working with a high dynamic range of colors, which allows an excellent user experience to be achieved when enjoying movies and series. To complete the good multimedia options, the Xiaomi player we are talking about has a sound that allows you to use Dolby Digital and also, DTS.

Great offer that you must take into account

At this time if you want to get this model you can take advantage of a discount 41% that is in Amazon, so we are talking about a highly reliable purchase. The fact is that you only have to pay 48.99 euros to get this device, so it is one of the most interesting Android multimedia players that you can buy right now. A good detail of the promotion is that you do not have to pay anything for shipping if you have a Prime account of the aforementioned online store. We leave the purchase link of this model that has direct access to the Google assistant.

Connectivity offered by the Xiaomi player

This is one of the things that attracts the attention of this model, since there are quite a few options it offers and, therefore, its usefulness is quite large. An example of what we say is that, apart from the HDMI output, it also includes USB to connect external hard drives if you wish. It does not lack a SPDIF type video output; And of course, the wireless options are wide, since it has Wifi to access the Internet and also with Bluetooth for the use of accessories without having to use cables for it. That is, despite having small dimensions (9.53 x 9.53 x 1.67 centimeters) this is a fairly complete product.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S player connections

To finish, we must comment on some details that are important in this Xiaomi player. One of them is that it integrates a player Chromecast, so you can send content from smartphones without putting cables in between. In what has to do with the integrated hardware, it should be noted that inside this device there is a quad core processor that it has a Mali-450 GPU and that the storage is 8GB.

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