Xiaomi off-road sale smartwatch, free shipping!

Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex

When choosing a smartwatch, the Amazfit smartwatch family is one of the best options to consider. The Xiaomi partner boasts a very varied catalog, with solutions for all tastes. And now you can buy the Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex with a very interesting discount.

We are talking about a smartwatch that boasts all kinds of functionalities to get the most out of it. Not enough for you? Well, you know that the Amazfit T-Rex is military certified to withstand all kinds of bumps or falls without flinching. In addition, and if that was not enough, if you are an Amazon Prime customer (you can enjoy a free trial month through the following link), you can enjoy free shipping costs. What more can you ask!

Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch with water

A Xiaomi smartwatch for the most adventurous

As we said, this Amazfit smartwatch on offer It has no more and no less than 12 military grade certifications. In this way, the T-Rex is waterproof, as well as withstanding shocks and falls without any problem.

The most amazing? That despite being a very robust model, it weighs only 58 grams, which makes this wearable a perfect option for those sporty users who want to have a smart watch to monitor their physical activity without bothering them at any time.

Amazfit T-Rex



All thanks to the different sensors that this smartwatch has in order to measure every last parameter of your physical activity, which is a value to take into account.

Resistance of the Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch

More details of the Amazfit T-Rex from Xiaomi

Obviously, we will have pedometer, altimeter, heart rate sensor… Come on, a series of sensors that will be in charge of measuring any activity. And not only that, since this smartwatch has GPS, so you don’t have to carry your phone with you while playing sports. This model will simply sync with your smartphone when you get home.

Moving on to the technical characteristics, the Amazfit T-Rex boasts a multimedia section that will not disappoint you. All thanks to its incredible 1.3 inch AMOLED screen. There is little we can tell you about this technology that you no longer know, but the most important thing is that, in addition to enjoying a great image quality, you will be able to see the content and notifications that you receive perfectly, even on the most sunny days.

Amazfit T Rex

By having its own operating system optimized for this wearable, the processor and RAM of the Amazfit T-Rex is an insignificant fact, but the battery is very important. And once it meets with a note. More than anything because its 390 mAh capacity guarantees a autonomy of up to 20 days without having to charge this smart watch. Are you going to use GPS? Well, you know that it will reach 20 hours of use.

Without a doubt, we are facing one of the best options to consider if you want to buy a quality smartwatch at a great price. So, don’t miss the opportunity to buy the Amazfit T-Rex at the best price.

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