Xiaomi multimedia player with Android with an unbeatable offer

The model in question is the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, which among other virtues has that of being direct competition with such well-known devices as Amazon’s Fire TV or Google’s own Chromecast. The reason for saying this is that it has inside Android operating system, which allows it to be very useful both to play content locally and to access through an application to those found in the cloud (an example are those available on Netflix such as Amazon Prime Video). By the way, one of the virtues of this accessory is that occupies very little and, therefore, you can even take it on a trip.

black Xiaomi Mi TV Stick player

In the collection with televisions and monitors is done by using a port HDMI. This ensures perfect compatibility to be able to take advantage of practically any screen that exists today, offering a maximum resolution Full HD which is the perfect fit to breathe new life into old TVs (and to take advantage of this accessory from current models that have an operating system that leaves a lot to be desired). It should also be mentioned that everything that has to do is what has to do with image quality, this is a device that offers support for content HDR, allowing you to fully enjoy series and movies.

A great discount that you should take advantage of

Right now it is possible to buy this Xiaomi multimedia player from home with a saving that reaches nothing less than 55%. This means that you only have to pay 40.17 euros, to make the purchase, adding only € 2.88 more in relation to shipping costs. With options as positive as being able to access the google assistant, which allows this complete accessory to be controlled with your voice, we leave you the link that you have to take advantage of so as not to miss this great opportunity that is available only for a limited time:

Important things about this Xiaomi player

One of those that is important to know has to do with your hardware. This is complete enough so that you do not have problems when using all kinds of multimedia content and, even, to enjoy games that are not particularly complex (here it should be noted that when using Bluetooth connectivity it is possible to associate a controller). The fact is that, but inside this device you will find a quad-core processor combined with 1 GB of RAM, in principle more than enough for you to have a very good user experience in general.

player size Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

With 8GB storage, where it is possible to both install applications and store content such as videos, it is important to indicate that this Xiaomi multimedia player has a remote control which includes a microphone and direct access buttons to different cloud platforms. With everything indicated and taking into account that there is a player inside Chromecast, Do not let this chance go away.

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