Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Lite headphones on sale for only 39 euros

These are wireless helmets that work using technology Bluetooth 5.0, so they are compatible with practically all devices that are currently available (for example, computers, tablets and even mobile phones regardless of the operating system they use). In addition, the aforementioned ensures that communication is very stable and no information is lost, which allows to be sure that the sound quality is quite high. It is important to comment that the synchronization process is very simple, and in a matter of a few minutes you will have the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Lite available to use them regularly.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless headphones in white color

Finished in white plastic, these wireless headphones do not lack a touch panel that allows you to control the reproductions easily by means of gestures. In this way, you can play songs or turn the volume up and down without having to take your phone out of your pants pocket or backpack. Everything that we have discussed, as well as the possibility of using SBC and AAC audio codecs, is achieved with a product that has a very low weight, since each of the sound elements they exceed eight grams.

Offer for the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Lite

If these wireless headphones fit what you are looking for and you decide to buy them, now you will be able to enjoy a 51% discount, which makes them an excellent option that you should not miss. You only have to pay 39 euros to have them at home without having to add absolutely nothing for shipping costs, since right now in the eBay store it is one of the additional promotions that are active. We leave the purchase link that you have to use to get these complete wireless headphones that include silicone points for a perfect in-ear fit.

Details to assess of these headphones

One of the important is that they perfectly comply with everything that has to do with autonomy, and this is essential was an accessory that works wirelessly. Thus, each of the sound elements allow use of up to four hours without having to recharge them. And this is something that you can achieve using its transport case, since it integrates its own battery and allows you to expand the usage time up to 18 hours without having to search for a plug.

Touch panel Xiaomi Mi True Wireless headphones

It is important to comment on a couple of additional details of these Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Lite, as they are very important. The first is that they have a optical sensor That allows to know at all times if they are being used (and if not, playback is stopped). In addition, this accessory does not lack a microphone with which it is possible to answer calls that come to the smartphone.

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