Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum robot vacuum cleaner on offer at the best price

Intelligent route and suction power of 1,800 Pa

Its about Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum, a robot vacuum cleaner with great suction power, which vacuums and sweeps and also offers remote control from the Xiaomi Mi Home app installed on our mobile phone. A smart cleaning device designed for automatic home cleaning.

It has 12 sensors who are in charge of locating the dirt and tracing the cleaning route for the entire surface of our house in the most optimal and efficient way possible. A route in which we can follow this robot through the Mi Home app from our mobile phone.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum

It is a model that is capable of sweeping and vacuuming and that is also capable of overcoming all kinds of obstacles in its path that do not exceed 1.5 cm in height. In this way, you can climb over carpets that have a lower height without any problem, as well as any unevenness in the floor. Thanks to its sensors, this Xiaomi mi Robot Vacuum is capable of detect stairs or balconies to avoid falls fortuitous events that could damage the robot itself.

Its large capacity battery allows cleaning with a single charge up to 250 square meters surface, although it will always depend on the type of cleaning you perform. And it is that it is a robot capable of detecting the dirt present and placing greater emphasis on passage areas where more dirt accumulates. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum allows cleaning programming for the time of day that suits us best, being able to leave the robot programmed before we leave home and do its cleaning work while we are working.

Save 25% on the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum

A robot vacuum cleaner that, as we already anticipated, we can get at the moment on offer with a discount of almost 25%. This means a saving of just over 75 euros on your purchase, since the official price of this Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum is 314.99 euros. A fairly adjusted price taking into account its quality and benefits, but we can also get it cheaper thanks to this offer from Amazon. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum

Therefore, it is possible to buy it now for only 239.89 euros and receive it for free at home if we are Amazon Prime customers. The delivery time of this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is between 17 and 23 business days.

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