Xiaomi Mi Mix | First smartphone with a “liquid lens” camera


One of the most innovative phones is back, the Mi MIX will be launched again this year after almost 3 years of absence

Despite the pandemic Xiaomi has presented good levels of sales of its devices. Experts have pointed out that its high level of income is due to the fact that last year it launched a large number of equipment that stood out for its cost / benefit ratio.

The tech giant does not plan to lower his arms this year and that is why he has announced his My Mix, the first smartphone with camera from “liquid lens”.

When does the Xiaomi arrive with ‘liquid lens’ camera?

Through their Xiaomi social networks surprised its users by announcing the return of its My Mix, one of the most innovative phones in the market. After three years of absence, the smartphone come back with camera from “liquid lens«.


The last model that was put on sale in this range was the Mi MIX 3, in 2019 the Mi MIX Alpha was presented. But it was never put on sale due to the difficulties the company had to manufacture it because its body was almost a screen.

The company did not reveal any images of its My Mix, but stressed that it is the first mobile with camera from “liquid lens«. Which manages to mimic the behavior of the human eye and also works as a macro sensor.

It should be noted that the lens can change its focal length with electrical or mechanical stimuli. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, explained that with this technology they will be able to take both telephoto and frame shots, as well as offer a faster autofocus.


“A phone with a liquid lens camera would have great versatility. Since under the same sensor it would be possible to make different types of captures without moving parts or interchangeable parts “

With oneself focal distance we can have a fisheye lens, a camera with macro focus and we can even play with the brightness of the camera itself.

Some rumors indicated that it could be the first cell phone of Xiaomi with flexible screen. But unlike the Z Fold 2 or the Motorola Razr, the new Mi MIX would fold back in two for use as a phone.

In accordance with Xiaomi the My Mix It will be presented on March 29.

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