Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and other smartbands available on sale

You do not need to make a large outlay to have a complete and quality smartband. For example, Xiaomi’s own Mi Band 6, which is the company’s latest model, It is a product whose official price does not reach 45 euros. The good news is that now we find it much cheaper, in addition to other activity bracelets that we show you below. With any of them you will have a perfect excuse to go out to do sports and have a complete record of the progress made.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Mi Band 6 is Xiaomi’s most advanced smartband to date. This model offers a bigger color screen than ever, new sport models and hundreds of customization options. In addition, it is very interesting that all the straps of the Mi Band 5 are compatible with this model, so if you are thinking of making the leap to the new generation, that will not be a problem. Its official price is 44.90 euros, but now it can be ours for only 37.38 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Bracelet

Amazfit Band 5

And without leaving the Xiaomi ecosystem, we could not overlook this Amazfit Band 5. For many It is the product that should have been the Mi Band 5 from last year, since it has features that this model does not have. In addition, now it is only 26.80 euros, which makes it perhaps even a better option than the Mi Band 6. It must be remembered that it has the main typical functions of this type of bracelets such as measuring oxygen saturation in blood, heart rate or quality of sleep.

Use of the Amazfit Band 5 bracelet

Huawei Band 4

Another good option taking advantage of its current discount is the Huawei Band 4. This smartband has a 2.5D touch screen and offers a clear interface that can receive all important notifications from the smartphone. It has an artificial intelligence algorithm that measures heart rate with precision. It also alerts for overstrain and has 9 sport modes: running outdoors / indoors, walking outdoors / indoors outdoors / cycling indoors, elliptical or rowing.

Huawei Band 4 red

Samsung Galaxy Fit2

Samsung also knows how to play very well in this of the smartbands. The Galaxy Fit2 is a good example of this. This activity tracker is 5ATM certified, which means that it is water resistant to 50 m². It has a screen Easy-to-read 1.1-inch AMOLED 3D, even underwater. In addition, it is customizable thanks to its a selection of 75 different covers. This gadget can monitor more than 90 types of exercises and has a stress mode to help us relax. It can be ours for 32.90 euros.

Red Samsung Galaxy Fit2 bracelet

Tourya S3 Smart Band

This smartband is little known to the general public but it is no less efficient for that. The Tourya S3 has a 0.96-inch OLED screen and also allows us to monitor our heart rate, sleep (time and quality), steps, distance or calorie consumption. It is also waterproof thanks to its IP67 certificate and it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

colors china bracelet

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