Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro headphones on sale and free of shipping costs

Finished in white and using high-strength and quality plastic material (ABS), this is a product that has many options that make it striking, such as including silicone tips that ensure an excellent fit on the ears. Another thing that makes this model striking is that they have a weight of only 10 grams, so you hardly notice that they are wearing and this is very positive, since if you are one of those who listen to music for a long time you will hardly notice any discomfort for this reason.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro headphones in white color

Communication technology is Bluetooth, which is the most widely used standard today, since it offers wide compatibility with the different operating systems that mobile devices have (both iOS and Android). Being version 4.2, these Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro headphones are compatible with the technology True Wireless that ensure, among other things, that you will not lose any type of information in the data transfer, which results in sound quality that is beyond doubt. By the way, the synchronization process is very simple and in a couple of minutes you will have completed it.

Good details in this complete accessory

One of those that we do not want to stop indicating is that these wireless helmets have protection against water IPX4. This means that if it rains while you are wearing them you are sweating because you practice sports, you should not worry in the least, since this will not affect the headphones we are talking about at all. In addition, they include two large spaces in each of the sound elements that allow control by gestures active reproductions, and this is something that gives great comfort, since you will not have to take the phone out of your pocket to do this.

Girl with Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro headphones

Offer for Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro headphones

If you want to enjoy 40% discount, nothing more and nothing less, you have to go to the Gearbest store to get it. The fact is that you only have to pay 64.45 euros to be able to have this excellent product at home and without having to add absolutely nothing for shipping costs (something that is not very common on the web that we have indicated). With built-in microphone so that you can answer calls directly, this is the link you have to use so as not to miss an opportunity that you will seldom see again.

There are a couple of additional details that we want to comment on. The first is that thanks to a case that includes its own battery, you will be able to use these complete wireless helmets for more than 10 hours without having to look for a socket in which to use its USB type C port. The second detail has to do with the sound quality, where it should be noted that the drivers used are of seven millimeters, which ensures good reproductions without hardly noticeable distortion regardless of the volume you use (in addition, they have ANC noise cancellation which is always an additional detail that is positive).

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