Xiaomi Mi 360 security camera with WiFi with its best offer

Among the many functions that stand out in this accessory is the possibility of using it with the most common assistants today, such as Google’s own and of course with Amazon Alexa. Therefore, you can take advantage of many of its options simply and simply with your voice. To achieve this there is something that is vital: the use of an application that allows you to do the installation very easily to synchronize with different types of screens such as the one you have on the phone for the television itself. The app in question can be downloaded for free and is compatible with ios Y Android.

Xiaomi Mi 360 camera in white color

It should also be noted of this Xiaomi Mi 360 that it has a 2K image quality (2304 x 1296 pixels), which ensures excellent definition in all kinds of situations, including those in which there is not much light, since the integrated sensor has a focal aperture of F: 1.4 and, in addition, it also has night vision thanks to the fact that it includes a set of LEDs that cannot be seen with the naked eye. One of the things that makes this model different is that it can rotate automatically both vertically and horizontally, which ensures that you will not miss any detail of the place where you have the camera located. This, by the way, can be done automatically with an image tracking using for this Artificial intelligence.

An excellent buy now on sale

Finished with a high quality plastic and in white, which in principle allows you to place it anywhere without the slightest problem is what has to do with decoration, now you can get this accessory with a 33% off. This means that just by paying 33.30 euros you can bring this complete security camera at home without adding anything for shipping in the case of having an Amazon Prime account. We leave you the link so that you do not have the opportunity to get this device that has the following dimensions: 1.1 x 7.8 x 7.8 cm.

Differential options of the Xiaomi Mi 360

To establish communication with the devices that you want to associate and that have access to the images that it is capable of broadcasting live (and with bidirectional audio, so you will be able to talk with the people who are in the room where this camera is), connectivity that is used is Wifi. Therefore, Internet access is complete and you must know that so that you do not have any problems in the security section, all the data that you manage can be protected with a 128-bit AES encryption, which ensures that no one will be able to see the serious images or videos if you do not give them the corresponding permission.

Screens with image of the Xiaomi Mi 360

With motion detection included, which allows in the event that something is detected that is not expected in the place where the Xiaomi Mi 360 is, it is possible to store all the information in a local (using microSD cards of up to 64 GB) or, if you wish, you can also use services in the cloud that increase flexibility when accessing data.

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