Xiaomi headphones on sale with a big discount and free shipping

The model we are talking about are the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless, a model that is not without important virtues and that, to a certain extent, are rivals of Apple’s AirPods. This device is finished in high quality plastic, such as polycarbonate, and it has a white color. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for all types of user when it comes to design. With a weight of 5.8 gramsWearing each sound element is something that is not uncomfortable, since, in addition, it has silicone tips to achieve a great fit.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless headphones in white color

Communication technology with sound sources is Bluetooth 5.0, being one of the good characteristics that achieve for this reason being compatible with True Wireless. That is, the data transfer is very good and information is not lost as long as the 10 meters of distance that these Xiaomi headphones on offer are respected. Something that is positive about this accessory is that they have a usage sensor, so when you remove them from your ear they automatically stop the reproductions. This is a differential element with respect to other models that have a similar price.

Irresistible offer for these Xiaomi Mi True Wireless

Right now, and without having to pay anything for shipping costs, you only have to pay 65 euros to get this accessory so the discount With respect to the price it usually has, it is 27%. An excellent purchase option for complete and eye-catching headphones. With touch control elements in the headphones themselves, which allows the management of the reproductions to be very simple, we leave the purchase link where we recommend that you do not miss this opportunity.

Sound, pretty good in these headphones on sale

Thanks to the use of codecs SBC and AAC, which ensures high sound quality with all types of content (whether music or conversions of a series). To this must be added that it allows the correct management of frequencies ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz, to which is added an impedance of 160 ohms. Therefore, you will not have any complaints in this section without, yes, they are the best on the market, since for example they are not compatible with Hi-Res.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless headphones touch panel

Some final details that are important to know about this product, and that may be a reason for purchase, are that the autonomy offered by this product reaches the 18 hours if the carrying case they have is used (and that is charged by using USB type C). In addition, they also include microphone so that it can be used as a hands-free to answer calls that are received on phones that are paired.

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