Xiaomi headphones on offer with free shipping and for only 19 euros

This is a model that does not lack something that right now has become indispensable for those looking for a product of this type: a sheath It includes a battery that avoids having to regularly look for a socket in which to charge the headphones. This, among other additional things such as the protection they offer, allows the autonomy that these have Xiaomi Mi True Air 2 SE arrives at 20 hours, a brand that makes them ideal both for traveling and to be a good companion when playing sports.

Xiaomi Mi True Air 2 SE headphones in white color

Another thing that stands out in these Xiaomi headphones on offer is that they include a dual mic that allows you to use this accessory as a hands-free device, and to achieve this with a clean communication that makes it stand out from some of the models with which it competes on the market. By the way, they don’t lack touch elements that allow you to control the reproductions or the response to the calls, which increases the usefulness of this product, which is clearly quite complete.

Offer that makes this product very attractive

If you decide to make the purchase of these Xiaomi Mi True Air 2 SE right now you can get them on Amazon for only 19.98 euros, an amount that makes it one of the most striking standalone headphones you can get right now. Finished in high quality polycarbonate and in white, we leave the purchase link that you have to use from home to get this accessory that has technology Bluetooth to communicate with sound sources.

Low weight on these headphones on sale

Good detail this in the model we are talking about, since its weight is only 4, 7 grams for each sound element. This ensures that they do not disturb anything when used for a long time (whether sitting on the couch or walking down the street). In addition, they have a good ergonomics, since By including an elongated element that fits in the ear, its use is comfortable even when putting it on and taking it off. The point is that long music sessions are enjoyed without problems.

Xiaomi Mi True Air 2 SE Headphone Case

Finally, it must be said that the quality of the reproductions is quite good, something that is influenced by the fact that these Xiaomi headphones on sale are compatible with technology True Wireless. In addition, they also have environmental noise cancellation (ENC)Therefore, if a good management of frequencies in common use is added since neodymium magnets are used for the diaphragms, the results are positive in all types of uses. Therefore, the existing offer is the most interesting and you should not miss it.

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