Xiaomi folding electric bike now with an unbeatable discount

One of the first things you should know is that the motor you use does not include a brush and has a power of 250 W. With it you will be able to achieve a maximum speed of 25 km / h, which is more than enough to be useful to all users. A couple of good additional details that you will find in this component is that thanks to the integrated technologies it has a lower speed and therefore allows a higher acceleration than other models on the market. This, obviously, is noted to have a most positive user experience.

Electric bike Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike in black color

Another parameter that is usually important in these products, and where the Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike electric bicycle does not clash, that is what it has to do with the autonomy. With one charge you can achieve up to 45 kilometers if the slightest problem. A very convincing brand that ranks among the best on the market. The integrated battery uses the same type of cell that Tesla cars have (Samsung 18650), so its quality is beyond doubt. By the way, its extraction is the simplest something that is appreciated in case you need to change it, and this also allows you to recharge it both on the bike itself and off it.

Do not miss the Amazon offer

The truth is that to date we have rarely seen in the aforementioned online store a discount so important: a 12% less than what usually needs to be turned off. That is, you save no less than 120.99 euros … an excellent figure for a complete electric bike. Without paying anything for shipping in the case of having a Prime account, we leave you the link that you must use to get this equipment with a very important job and which does not lack an on-board computer that has a 1.8 inch screen and that allows you to see a large amount of information when you are using the bike.

Important in this Xiaomi electric bike

One of the essential things about this product is that it is possible to fold it, something that is very useful when it comes to carrying it in the trunk of the car (and that in this way the 14.5 kg of weight that it has is not a nuisance). In addition, it has technology Bluetooth to be able to synchronize with a free application available for both iOS and Android and in this way to be able to keep track of what you do what the device is and, even, know the state in which are the essential components such as the battery or the brakes themselves.

Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike Electric Bicycle Rear Wheel

Finally, it is necessary to comment that the casting tube that includes this Xiaomi electric bike is one piece, which gives it excellent strength to withstand possible falls. Besides, they have advanced technologies how it can be SHIMANO Nexus Shift Easy-Ride, which behaves as a good assistant to control the energy that is used at all times (something that the TMM4 torque sensor also influences). The truth is that taking into account the existing offer and the options offered by this model, it is a purchase that you must value very seriously.

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