Xiaomi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 fan: design, price and more

It is not the first time that the Beijing-based firm has presented a device of these characteristics. And to be exact, this model is the third edition of one of the most successful smart fan families. Their weapons? In addition to being able to control them from your mobile phone, they boast an exquisite design and more than enough power for any user.

A premium and quiet design

Xiaomi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 Fan

As we told you, this Xiaomi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 fan bets on a design where the anodized aluminum finishes give this smart fan a very premium look. In addition, it has protection against corrosion to make it even more resistant.
We cannot forget about its brushless motor. Through this element you can use this new Xiaomi fan in any environment without noise being a problem, since it is a extremely quiet model.

For the more traditional users we will find the the turn on and turn off button of this DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 fan on its head, while just below it you will find the corresponding controls to be able to adjust the speed (it has four different modes), as well as the angle at which this smart fan will work.

You control it with your mobile

Xiaomi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 Fan

And we say it is smart, since this DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 is compatible with Mijia, the official Xiaomi application to control your family of connected devices. In this way, the only thing you will need is a mobile phone or tablet and download the official app with which to control this WiFi fan. Thanks to this, you can turn it on and off remotely, choose between the different four different modes, or activate the movement of the head (it is capable of working in ranges between 30 and 120 degrees) depending on your needs.

This can be useful in all kinds of situations. For example, you are still in bed dead from the heat and you know that the fan is in front of your bed. All you have to do is open the official application to be able to activate the Xiaomi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 in a few seconds. Not to mention the idea of turn it on before you get home so that it refreshes the atmosphere.

Best of all, this Xiaomi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 comes at a true knockdown price. Mainly because to celebrate its launch they just put this product on sale for only 599 yuan, about 76 euros to change. And seeing the possibilities it offers, the truth is that your purchase is a sure hit.

Now, all you have to do is wait and cross your fingers for an official distributor to send this Xiaomi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 fan to Spain, because it is a product to take into account, especially if you have a bad time in summer because of the heat.

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