Xiaomi car charger with 36W charge and discount

We exactly refer to Xiaomi CC02CZM Car Charger, a product that offers a sober design so that it does not stand out in your vehicle, as well as a fast charging system that will more than meet your expectations, along with a height discount so that you can buy this Xiaomi car charger at a price of only 13.56 euros.

All thanks to a flash offer from Gearbest that will allow you to buy this powerful car charger with fast charge at a very attractive price. Of course, keep in mind that this promotion has limited units, so you better hurry to enjoy this bargain.

Charge two devices at the same time

Xiaomi car charger

On an aesthetic level, we are faced with a product that, as we have indicated, distills quality through each of its pores. The truth is that the manufacturer has endowed this car charger with 36 W fast charging with an imposing appearance, where its brushed aluminum finishes give it an impressive appearance.

Continuing with this Xiaomi CC02CZM Car Charger, it should be noted that it offers two USB ports on the top so you can choose between charging a single device to one 36W max charging speed, or that you bet on taking advantage of the two ports and charging two gadgets simultaneously and with a speed of 18 W for each of them.

And the truth is that the great advantage of this device is that its use mechanism is extremely simple. All you have to do is connect this Xiaomi car charger with fast charge and start taking advantage of its benefits.

A very safe car charger

Xiaomi car charger

As if that were not enough, the Beijing-based firm has taken into account all the details, and one of the most important in a product of this type is safety. And Xiaomi has endowed this charger with the best technologies to ensure that there is no problem of overheating or excessive voltage that could damage any of your gadgets while you are charging it.

Without a doubt, we are facing one of the great offers of the day. And beware, you will also be able to enjoy free shipping costs. So, seeing the bargain in front of you, you should not miss the opportunity to buy this Xiaomi fast car charger at such an attractive price. Run they fly!

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