Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker on offer at the best price: only 5 euros

The finish of this model combines white plastic with aluminum silver color that allows you to have a really striking appearance. Something that should be noted in this model that has dimensions of only 5,45 x 2.55 x 6 cm so it is possible to carry it even in the pocket of a backpack (such as those designed for water bottles) without difficulty and without adding a lot of weight, since the one with the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 is only 237 grams. The fact is that this is an ideal device when you go away from home such as to the pool or the mountains.

Interior of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 Bluetooth speaker

When it comes to sound quality, this is a model that has two channels to enjoy stereo with one 5W total power, which is not bad for a product of this type. It must be said that the frequency management is quite good, even reaching 18,000 Hz, to which it is added that the obstruction remains at five ohms. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the music you want is a quite correct definition and, furthermore, without the volume being especially low taking into account the dimensions indicated above.

The best offer you can imagine

We had not seen such a significant discount for a product of this type to date, since there is nothing less than a 73% off you only have to pay to have it at home 5.11 euros. A ridiculous price for a good Bluetooth speaker like the one we talked about. We boil the link that you have to use so as not to miss this opportunity for a model that even has control buttons in the upper area of ​​its casing which ensures that you can always manage the reproductions in a simple and accessible way.

Important things about this Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker

One of which is very important is that inside there is a rechargeable battery that has an amperage of 1,200 mAh. This so cold may not say much, but taking into account the small dimensions of this accessory, it must be noted that an excellent job has been done by the manufacturer. The fact is that you can get up to 10 hours of use without having major restrictions regarding volume. Additionally, it must be indicated that the load is carried out through a port USB.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 speaker in white color

It is also noteworthy that this Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 is a model that has microphone integrated, which allows you to answer calls if you have a mobile phone synchronized. In addition, it is also noteworthy that it has a sound input of 3.5 mm, which ensures compatibility with practically 100% of the sound sources that you want to use when you are away from home.

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