Xiaomi Bluetooth mouse and voice recognition with a great offer

The model we are talking about is the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth, an accessory finished in black plastic and aluminum and that has good enough ergonomics to fit perfectly whether you are right-handed or left-handed. With a weight of just 100 gramsOne of the great virtues that you will find in this accessory is its fantastic compatibility that allows you to use it both on computers (whether desktop or portable) and on mobile devices such as tablets or phones. And, this is so, regardless of the operating system they use.

Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

In the resolution section, this Xiaomi mouse responds perfectly, since its optical sensor can reach the 4,000 dpi. This means that it recognizes any type of shape movement automatic, and therefore it can be considered as an accessory that also fits when used with games because its latency is quite low. By the way, in order not to constantly consume the maximum because the accessory is used to the maximum in this section, it is possible to configure the dots per inch to be used at each moment quite precisely, since it is not the same to be editing a text that killing enemies.

Excellent offer to buy this model

This is one of the options that will surely draw your attention to this model, since right now you can buy it from home with a 30% discount which allows you to pay less than thirty euros to have it at home (and as shipping costs you just have to add three euros). We leave you below the link that you have to use to make the purchase of this wireless mouse that is very complete and that allows you to use a button to switch device with which it is synchronized, so it is a solution that allows you to work in parallel with both a computer and a tablet, achieving this very easily.

Things that make this Xiaomi mouse interesting

If there is something that attracts the attention of this accessory and what makes it different from many others on the market, it is that it has a red button at the top that when pressed executes something that for many is sure to be interesting: start to recognize voice of the user. In this way, you will not have to continue writing by hand if you do not want to when you use a word processor or you can directly use an assistant such as Google’s own or Amazon’s Alexa. The truth is that this possibility is completely differential.

Side of the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth mouse

With all that we have indicated, and adding that it also has a side button that allows access to a translation service in the cloud (which you can associate), the truth is that we believe that this is an accessory that you should not miss right now, since it has an excellent offer and a number of very numerous additional functions.

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