Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones with a great discount of 43 euros

The model we are talking about is finished in white, so it has an air similar to Apple’s AirPods, which is always positive. In what has to do with comfort of use, there is good news, since on the one hand it includes this accessory silicone tips which ensure that the reliability is high and, on the other hand, the step that this model has below eight grams, so they don’t bother anything. It is also positive in this section that these Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro do not use any cable to communicate with the sound source.

Xiaomi Airdots Pro

Among the good options offered by these Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones is that they have excellent autonomy, something that is possible because they have a cover that includes a battery, which avoids having to constantly search for a plug. Specifically, the ten hours of use without problems, which is a more than correct brand for this type of device. By the way, as this accessory is quite current, the connection port for recharging is USB type C, so almost certainly the cable you use with your smartphone will be worth it. In short, it responds perfectly.

Striking features of these headphones

One of the interesting ones is that inside these cases there is a controller of seven millimeters, which is very good due to the small dimensions of the Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro. This, among other things, allows the work with frequency between 20 and 20,000 Hz to be quite efficient and the bass to sound quite definition. In addition, this is a model compatible with advanced codecs, such as for example AAC, so everything works perfectly when using Bluetooth as a connection interface (and that ensures full compatibility with both iOS and Android).

My Airdots Pro

Offer to buy these Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones

Right now there is an excellent opportunity in Gearbest, since in this online store you can take advantage of a 40% discount regarding what you usually have to pay for this product. Also, and this is important, you don’t have to pay nothing for shipping to Spain, something that is not exactly very common in the aforementioned platform. We leave the purchase link that it is possible to use from home and that they have touch panels to manage the reproductions in a very simple way. A good Bluetooth headset.

A couple of details that are important to know about these Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones: the first is that it has protection against water IPX4, so there is no problem with rain or sweat. In addition, it does not lack a microphone noise-canceling, so answering calls with very loud voice clarity is entirely possible.

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