Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones on sale now with their maximum discount

The model we are talking about uses technology Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with sound sources. This has different virtues that the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 take advantage of, such as that you can use them both with laptops, through tablets and, of course, with smartphones (regardless of whether they use an operating system iOS or Android). In addition, the aforementioned makes this accessory compatible with technology True Wireless, so that no information is lost from the data that is received and, in this way, the reliability of the reproductions is maximum.

Top view of the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

Another thing that stands out in these Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones is that they are not exactly bad in the autonomy section. Each of the two included sound elements independently allows use of up to four hours of playback, but thanks to the fact that an additional rechargeable battery is included in the carrying case, the time increases to up to 4 hours. 12 hours. Therefore, you will not have many problems here and it meets the usual needs perfectly. By the way, the interface used to recharge the cases is USB.

Sound that delivers without a problem

One of the things that stands out here is that the diaphragms included inside this product are 7.2 mm, so both highs and mediums and lows are managed without great problems (so all kinds of music can be heard quite well). In addition, Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones have digital noise cancellation or DSP, which makes the precision of the reproductions the most reliable. Something that is curious and positive about this model is that a sound element can be used individually, so you can continue to listen to what is around you without problems, for example in work environments.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2 Headphones

Offer for these Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones

Right now in the Gearbest store you can get this accessory with a 43% discount Regarding their price, which means that you only have to pay 16.54 euros to have them at home (you only have to add 0.44 euros for shipping costs, which is really low). With a high-quality polycarbonate design and black finishes, we leave the purchase link that you can take advantage of from home with total reliability. It is as follows:

By the way, if you wonder if you can answer calls with this device, the answer is yes, since inside there is a microphone which acts as hands-free and, also, allows access to voice assistants that are currently in phones (such as Alexa or Google’s own). In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that they do not lack the possibility of managing music reproductions thanks to a touch panel that is integrated into these good quality headphones.

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