Xiaomi 11T, with 108 megapixel professional quality camera

To begin, let us tell you that this Xiaomi 11T is the most recent launch of the Chinese company that is characterized by offering very good quality equipment at an excellent price. This time they threw the house out the window, as they equipped their phone with great technology.

Xiaomi 11T, with qualities that you will love

For a great phone, a great processor

The phone’s processor is the brain and heart of the device. Thanks to the processor, this smartphone can run games and heavy apps, as well as control the cameras and get the most out of them, in addition to managing the battery so that it has the longest possible life.

Its processor is the Dimensity 1200 Ultra, a powerful processor recently released by MediaTek. It has eight powerful cores up to 3.0 GHz speed and high energy efficiency made with modern 6 nanometer processes. It also includes 3.0GHz Arm Cortex-A78, which offers immediate response with efficient power consumption.

Xiaomi 11T Its processor is the Dimensity 1200 Ultra - Hello Telcel blog

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MediaTek HyperEngine 3.0 Gaming Technology

HyperEngine 3.0 from MediaTek improves the experience when playing on a smartphone, being a striking feature of the new Xiaomi 11T as it provides an incredible experience.

High level multimedia

The Xiaomi 11T has Dolby Atmos certification in its pair of powerful speakers, with which you will obtain next-generation surround audio thanks to which you can enjoy even more your music, your streaming programs and any sound in general since it also has Certified High Res for High Resolution Audio.

Regardless of whether you are an audiophile, a cinephile or a fan of video games, the Xiaomi 11T will be your best companion in any of these tasks and any other for which you need a smartphone; even if you use it for your work, organize your schedule, check the news, browse your social networks or create content.

The Xiaomi 11T has Dolby Atmos certification in its pair of powerful speakers.-Blog Hola Telcel

Display and battery

Its wide 6.67-inch FHD + screen has AMOLED technology, with which you can immediately notice that the colors are more vivid, the contrast is better and the image does not change as much if you look at it from various angles, even under the sun’s rays.

When you slide the screen of the Xiaomi 11T you will notice that it has a very fluid operation, since it works at 120Hz. In addition, it has a function called AdaptiveSync with which the screen refresh rate is automatically adjusted according to the content you are watching. This considerably reduces energy consumption and also offers you a better viewing experience for your content and your texts.

As for the battery, it is 5,000 mAh which accompanies you in your day to day and with its turbo charge with 67W cable you can reach 100% in a few minutes.

Another great quality of the Xiaomi 11T is its wide 6.67-inch FHD + screen, it has AMOLED technology - Hello Telcel blog

Cameras, photography and video in the new Xiaomi 11T

Equipped with a professional-quality 108MP camera, a 2x telemacro lens and a 120 ° ultra-wide angle, with the Xiaomi 11T you can capture both clips and cinema-quality videos from the palm of your hand.

If video recording is your thing, the Xiaomi 11T offers you the function of audio zoom, cinema in one click with Artificial Intelligence, cinematographic video filters, HDR video, time-lapse, professional mode and compatibility of video in camera. slow at 720p at 120 frames per second, 240 and 960, while at 1,080p it will be at 120 frames.

If your thing is video recording, the Xiaomi 11T offers you the audio zoom function, cinema in one click with Artificial Intelligence.- Blog Hola Telcel

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