Xbox tests transcription to text and speech synthesis in online chats

Xbox has started testing two new accessibility features in its online game chats that allow speech-to-text transcription and also make speech synthesis possible from the chat text.

The new Xbox accessibility features are aimed at achieving “a more inclusive gaming platform” and are geared towards users. Players with hearing or speech problems.

As of this Wednesday, these functions are available to Xbox ‘software’ testers, as reported by Microsoft’s video game unit through a statement.

Speech to text transcription shows all the words spoken during the voice chats of the games, which are displayed above the game image and in a customizable way.

For its part, Speech synthesis uses an artificial voice to read aloud. to the rest of the participants the comments written by the player in the chats during the game, with the option to choose between different languages.

These options can be activated in the Xbox group chat options, from the ‘Configure easy access’ section and accessing the ‘Game and chat transcription’ section, marking the text transcription or voice synthesis.

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