XA90 telescope sale with mobile holder

There may be doubts about the initial approach in terms of the line that separates the results of a mobile and a professional camera. But there is no doubt about it, is that they are still “light years away” from what a telescope like the one we bring you next can make. The good news is that we can complement its use with our own mobile, to achieve those snapshots of the sky that our terminal cannot achieve by itself.

telescope xiaomi

Quality telescope with mobile stand

For this reason and with summer looming on the horizon, we want to tell you today about the great offer that we have found in one of the most unknown Xiaomi products, such as the XA90 telescope, manufactured by Beebest. We are facing a quality product, which we can consider initiation to astronomy, but that will allow us to contemplate the stars with exceptional quality, being able to even record the results with photos taken from our own smartphone.

We are before a refracting telescope, which has a 90mm main mirror, a sufficient diameter to be able to appreciate clearly most of the nearby planets of the solar system like Mars, or the gas giants like Jupiter or Saturn. Have you ever seen Saturn’s rings beyond in documentaries? With this telescope we can see them with total clarity. The good thing is that it comes with two 30 and 100 magnification eyepieces.

telescope with mobile stand

Materials are also something that we must take into account when buying a telescope. In this case, we can rest assured that it has a tube made of a quality aluminum alloy, varnished and with a very elegant metallic finish. Likewise, the tripod offers the same aluminum alloy, being very light for transport and manageable during observation. In addition, the XA90 telescope has its own mobile support, which means that we can use its cameras to point directly at the eyepiece and record or photograph everything that is being seen. To help us in the guide we can make use of applications like Google Sky Maps and many others.

A price not to think about it

Astronomy can be a very expensive hobby, but you won’t need a big outlay to get started. In this case, we can get this telescope for the cost of a premium mid-range mobile. Specific, it can be ours for only 469.41 euros, since right now it is reduced from its usual price, which exceeds 521 euros. It is an opportunity to take advantage of these more than 50 euros of discount before the offer disappears.

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