WowCube: This is the new video game console in the form of a Rubik’s cube!

Combining the retro with the current is already possible and proof of this is the new WowCube presented in the CES 2021, the most important technology conference of the year; where the company CubiOs Inc. received recognition in the innovation category. The distinction was achieved thanks to this new video game console composed of 8 modules connected to each other that simulates the classic Rubik Cube.

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WowCube, from a teenager’s imagination

The gadget that has surprised the world was the creation of Savva Osipov, a young man of only 15 years old who let his imagination and ingenuity fly to create WowCube; combining the classic game of Rubik Cube with the most sophisticated current technology. Of course, he had the help of his father and the collaboration of CubiOs Inc. that made his dream possible.

New Rubik Wow Cube

The best Rubik’s cube today

Instead of plastic parts, the WowCube It is composed of modules where each one is an independent device with three high-resolution screens and a computer inside. These qualities allow video games to be played on it and run on its 24 different screens simultaneously.

For now the WowCube It is still in the development stage, fine-tuning down to the smallest detail so that it can be released in the very near future. Best of all, the company has ensured that the device can work with different apps Android or iOS and enjoy the world of video games in a completely renewed way. 🤯

Rubic Cube WowCube Video Game Console

Similarly, popular games such as Candy crush, Free fire or League of Legends can be adapted to the new console; which you can enjoy from your computer at your expense Telcel Invoice thanks to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the best coverage.

A long way to go for the WowCube

Of course, to have obtained the distinction as the most innovative product of the year during the CES 2021; he WowCube had to go a long way until now. From three different prototypes, one of them made with a 3D printer, to being presented at different universities in the United States seeking approval.

WowCube device

Not to mention having been exposed to nothing more and nothing less than Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple with Steve Jobs, who was surprised by the new Rubik’s cube project.

Man playing with the new WowCube video game F
Photos: WowCube

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Until now it is not known when the launch of this surprising device will be, but it is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated of the CES 2021. 😱

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