Would you like to work on Facebook? This is what you need to know

Work in large companies such as Facebook It has been the dream of thousands of young people around the world and today there is a possibility to fulfill that goal. It turns out that Facebook announced that it has more than forty places available for an internship in USA or UK. This vacancy is specifically looking for Latin American talent, so this could be your opportunity.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s signature program consists of 12 weeks of paid apprenticeships and internships for college students who are passionate about technology and the world of software. This internship will take place at the 2022, so this is the perfect time to apply and be one of the lucky ones selected.

What is the Facebook internship for Latin Americans?

Facebook shared that this program offers a competitive salary for all those selected, plus it will cover all travel, food and home costs. Not to mention that it will provide a tech team to work with; computer and smartphone.

Students computer and phone Facebook

How to apply for the internship?

Facebook is looking for specific profiles. First of all, they are university students from Latin America and have a year or more of experience in programming languages ​​such as Java, Perl or Python. In addition, those who apply must have a good level of English and prove that they are currently pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s or computer engineering degree or similar.

Students interested in taking part in the Facebook internship at USA, just click on this link and apply for the job. While those who wish to travel to UK, they will have to click on this other link and follow the same procedure.

Facebook logo in motion

This is not the first time that Facebook has searched for Latino talent. The social network has witnessed the ingenuity of Latin American students and enjoys offering opportunities like this.

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Now, if you weren’t convinced that studying computing is a great option, this great Facebook offer is proof that it is. 😉

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