Worm Moon 2021: What is it and when will you be able to see it?

2021 is full of great and surprising astronomical phenomena, one of them is the March supermoon also known as the Worm moon, where the Moon will shine in its maximum splendor and here we share all the details so you do not miss it.

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Why is it called Worm Moon?

The ancient native tribes of the United States, Mexico and Latin American countries named astronomical phenomena with what was happening around them. The Worm moon It gets this name because this was the time of year when the earth began to soften and earthworms and worms appeared.

The worm moon refers to the spring thaw, at which time the harvests began again, taking advantage of the softening of the earth. This means that the March Supermoon or Worm Moon also refers to the spring equinox.

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When and how to see the worm moon?

The March Supermoon or Worm Moon can be seen from next Sunday 28th March. In Mexico, the brightest point will occur at 12:48 hours And the best of all is that you just have to look up at the night sky to appreciate it; yes, if the clouds allow it that day.

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It is recommended to be in a space with little artificial light and only for a better experience you can use a telescope or the Night Vision technology of equipment such as Huawei P40 Y Galaxy S20 +, to capture the most incredible photos and share them on your favorite social networks with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the greatest Coverage. Learn more about them through Telcel Online Store.

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The Supermoon will be an unrepeatable phenomenon throughout 2021 and will be 30% larger than usual due to its proximity to Earth. So now you know, sign up next Sunday, March 28, and don’t miss out on this show that the Moon has for you for anything in the world.

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