World Wide Web code is auctioned for over $ 5 million

Tim Berners-Lee www

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, sold the original code of the internet as NFT. The lot included an animated version of his creation a letter from the author

30 years ago Tim Berners-Lee laid the foundations of Internet when creating the code of what is known as the world Wide Web (www). Now him original code in format NFT it was auctioned for $ 5.4 million.

Sotheby’s auction house kicked off the sale on June 23 with a starting price of $ 1,000. The auction was closed on June 30 after receiving 51 new offers.

Tim Berners-Lee

It is not yet known who has been the person who has paid for the NFT of the world Wide Web. But it is one of the largest to date.

The record is still of NFT made by artist Beeple, which sold for $ 69 million.

The lot included the original code of the world Wide Web written between 1990 and 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. It was signed by the British. It also had the implementation of three languages ​​and protocols – HTML, HTTP, and URL.

world Wide Web

It even has a 30-minute animated version of those nearly 10,000 lines of code and a letter from the British author reflecting on the importance of world Wide Web for the development of the world as it is known today.

“Since people seemed to appreciate the autographed versions of the books, and now we have non-expendable token (NFT) technology, I thought it might be fun to make an autographed copy of the original code from the first browser in the world. web, “said Tim Berners-Lee.

Cassandra Hatton, General Director of Science and Popular Culture at Sotheby’s, noted that the auction of the world Wide Web marks a before and after in the market of NFT.

“This unique auction marked the first time a digitally sourced artifact has been offered for sale at Sotheby’s, and it had to be the best example of its kind, one coined by Sir Tim himself, a digital legend and more. there, and that is related to the most important invention of our era »

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