World Rock Day: The best live songs to celebrate it

The World Rock Day It is celebrated today thanks to the fact that one of the most recognized musicians in history, Bob Geldof, organized a project to help reduce the famine that was lived in the Horn of Africa in the 80s. Unexpectedly, the most famous rock bands of the moment as U2, Scorpions, Queen and The Who, participated in a concert that would become one of the most followed events in history: the macro concert Live aid.

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To celebrate this event, fans of the genre remember it with the best songs that have left an important mark in rock history. Just as seeing the extended version of a movie brings back memories, listening to live songs transmits you to the moment in which they were sung, with the emotion of the public, the applause and the introduction that the artists made at the time to generate greater expectation for the audience. start each song.

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The best live rock songs to celebrate

We tell you about some of the songs that will transport you to different times in rock history. All of them selected with a fine curatorship and gathered in the same playlist dedicated to rock live in Claro music.

Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2

Sunday Bloody Sunday It is a song that does not lose its relevance since it is a call to stay together in difficult moments. You can listen to the live version in Claro music that had its staging in 1983 from the Red Rocks Amphitheater in the USA.

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Back In Black – AC DC

It is a memorable song for signifying the entrance of Brian Johnson after the death of Bon Scott, which is why it is thought to be a tribute to the vocalist. The version that was lived in the River Plate, as well as the entire album that AC / DC performed in 2009 in Buenos Aires, you can listen to them for free from Claro Música.

Zombie – The Cranberries

Although The Cranberries released their first album since 1993, they rose to fame with this song a year after it was included on the album. No Need to Argue.

All these songs serve to celebrate World Rock Day and are included in the playlist Rock live.

Did you know that in Claro music you can enjoy millions of songs for free, without the need for a subscription? Also, registering is very easy.

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