Wolverine would have his own Marvel anthology series on Disney +

The introduction of X Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to cause great expectation among fans. It seems that everything could start with one of the main mutants, since the plans of a new series of Wolverine on Disney +.

wolverine series in disney

Recently, the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), broadcast on Disney +, showed Madripoor, a small country widely related to Wolverine and the X-Men. This was for many the first clue of how mutants will eventually integrate into this shared universe.

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New Disney + series about Wolverine

According to the portal That Hashtag Show, Marvel is already working on the Wolverine series, which will be exclusive to Disney +. Not many details of the plot have yet been given, but there is talk that it would be an anthology; that is, in each season an adventure, battle or emblematic story of the superhero will be told, such as Origin, Enemy of the State, Weapon X or Old Man Logan.

Wolverine is one of the longest-running characters, so it makes sense that he has his own series. Recall that in both the comics and the X-Men movies, Logan had a long and active career long before he was recruited by Charles Xavier.

That Hashtag Show ensures that the first season of the streaming series will be about ‘Weapon X’. We’ll see how Logan enters the Weapon X program to get injected adamantium on your body.

disney wolverine series

It is mentioned that all this will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, without affecting its possible arrival and inclusion in the X-Men.

The project is still in the script creation stage, so we will still have to wait a bit to have more news about who will be the cast and who will be the director in front of the series.

Do you think that Hugh jackman have any appearance?

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