With the Samsung Galaxy A10s you can have a smartphone with a dream design

If you are looking for a smartphone with a great design, high-quality components and excellent performance, the Samsung Galaxy A10s is a very interesting device that offers you, among other advantages, a large screen, battery, high-quality cameras and an eight-core processor. , ready to give you agile and safe performance.

Design, colors and duration

At first glance you will notice that the Samsung Galaxy A10s fits very well in your hand and that its glossy finish stands out on its own. You can choose its color between black, blue and red to take the one that defines you the most or the one that best suits you. You choose.

A relevant aspect of the design in the Samsung Galaxy A10s is its large 6.2-inch HD + LCD TFT screen, this means that it is an edge-to-edge screen with reduced bezels and full glass, which will allow you to enjoy your series or video games without limits. preferred because it can display 16 million colors in an enhanced way due to the use of its TFT technology.

As for its battery, the Galaxy A10s has 4,000 mAh of power that can give you a day full of activities. In addition, the battery is optimized by being constantly monitored by the MediaTek Helio P22 processor and in this way you can use your phone for longer without having to do absolutely anything on your part, since the processor will do this optimization automatically.

Samsung Galaxy A10s processor

All this, in a light equipment that weighs only 168 grams and that measures just 7.8 mm thick, so it is very easy to manipulate with one hand and you can take it anywhere without problem to make it the ideal companion of your life in line.

Security before everything

With the Galaxy A10s you will not have to worry about the security of your information, since it has a fingerprint sensor on its back so you can unlock the device and log in to compatible applications. But you will not only be able to use your fingerprint, since your face will also serve to unlock your Smartphone instantly just by holding it in front of your face. Facial recognition technology grants access only to you, to ensure that your personal data does not fall into the wrong hands.

A dual camera array

This device has a simple and easy-to-use dual rear camera, which allows you to capture the moment through clear and bright photos in a simple way. The depth camera is 2 MP (megapixels) and allows you to adjust the depth of field before and after taking each shot, while the main camera is 13 MP. This combination will allow you to take portrait-style photos that integrate an unfocused background so that your photos look incredible and with a professional touch.

For its part, the 8 MP front camera will make your selfies look more impressive by blurring the background and making you stand out at all times so that you always express and share your true self with whoever you love the most.

Samsung Galaxy A10s red

Performance without limitations

This equipment works thanks to an eight-core MediaTek Helio P22 processor that runs at a speed of 2.0GHz and that has a technology called CorePilot that monitors the correct operation of the battery, that there are no applications that consume excess power, that the phone does not get hot and that in this way you always have the best user experience based on your patterns of use of the equipment. CorePilot assigns the correct workload to the correct number of cores and the ideal frequency and voltages, so that your battery life will be assured and you will also have the best performance of your applications and your phone in general.

The Helio P22 processor also features Imagiq technology, which offers improved depth of field and enables better portrait photos to be taken with the background out of focus and in professional quality. Imagiq also offers improved electronic image stabilization, automatic face detection, improved low-light performance, so you can count on images rich in detail and great effects in both photography and video exactly the moment you see them. you need.

With all these features, we are sure that the Samsung Galaxy A10s will be a team that will give you many hours of productivity, entertainment and communication with those you love the most. And remember that you can find it at Customer Service Centers or Telcel Online Store.

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