With the 3-2-1 rule you will never lose your files

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Having backup copies is of vital importance to avoid losing information, know the 3-2-1 rule that will help you take care of your files

With the home-office people have been forced to create backups constantly to avoid losing important information and that your files are protected.

Regardless of what type of device you use, experts recommend running regular backups in case your computer is lost, stolen, or infected by a virus.

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but make one backup always tends to be tedious for people, that is why there is the 3-2-1 rule that will help you never lose your files.

According to specialists, it is a simple rule that will help people to have their saved files without having to make a lot of effort.

The 3-2-1 rule It is a series of good practices that are easy to follow but very useful to have your protected files.

What is the 3-2-1 rule?

This rule is divided into three parts:

The first is three and refers to making three copies of the same file or document. This is a main copy and two additional copies in case the first one is lost.

This part is recommended for files that are very important, so it is essential to have more copies if an error occurs.


The second part is save backups on two different devices. For example, the original on your computer and the copy on your smartphone, the cloud or another device.

The last part refers to a backup is independent to others. If you have three copies of the same file, but all three are in your home or office, if there is a fire, you will lose all three copies.

Instead, if one of the three copies is in the cloud or on a device saved elsewhere, that copy will be saved.

“With this rule you will get really safe backups because they will be protected from the same problems or inconveniences that can affect your original files”

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