With iOS 15.2 Apple will be able to detect if the components are original

iOS 15.2

iOS 15.2 will come with a great improvement and that is that Apple will be able to detect if the components of your iPhone are not original

Manzana will integrate a new function in the update your operating system that will prevent them from being used non-original components.

Gizmodo revealed that with iOS 15.2 the Cupertino company will check the originality of the camera module, display and battery of the iPhone.


According to the medium, Manzana added a new section in iPhone Settings called “Parts and Service History.” In this part the user can check if all the components are original.

“If you want to know if it is original, you must go to Settings> General> Information and Parts History”

If they are listed as “unknown parts” it means that the parts in question are not original, are used (extracted from another iPhone), or are not working properly.

“Only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lines will identify that both the battery, the screen and the cameras are parts certified by Apple. In previous models running iOS 15.2 the possibilities will be more limited »

That is, it will only notify you if the battery is not original, but it will ignore the rest of the components.

“The iPhone 11 will not be able to verify if the camera is official. While in the second generation iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and SE, the test will be available only for the battery “

iOS 15.2 original components

Manzana stressed that if the operating system recognizes non-original components it does not mean that it will affect its operation, since the iPhone you will be able to continue working as usual. Only now the user will know that he has parts that are not certified.

This tool will be very useful for those who buy a second-hand device or have their equipment repaired with the promise of using parts certified by the Cupertino Company.

The new tool iOS 15.2 It will come after Apple announced that users will be able to repair their equipment without having to go to an official store.

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