Wireless sound bars now at an unbeatable price

If you are looking for a sound bar with wireless connectivity, below we show you some of the models on offer with which you can save a lot of euros. We include some models that are also accompanied by wireless subwoofer so you can place it where you want and enjoy a cinema experience without leaving home.

Sound bars with bluetooth on sale


2.1ch wireless soundbar with 160W power and wireless subwoofer. It has bluetooth 4.0 so that we can make a totally wireless connection and connect to it from our mobile or tablet to send our favorite music. It is a model that offers a very low consumption and that we can connect from several devices at the same time. It has a compact and cordless design that adapts perfectly to any situation. Its official price is 179 euros, but now we can buy it for only 101.65 euros.

Soundbar LG SJ2

Sharp HT-SBW182

This Sharp model is a wireless soundbar with a wireless subwoofer that offers a total power of 160 W. It has physical buttons for easy operation but also has its own remote control. It has a bluetooth function to connect with our television or with other devices such as mobile or tablet. It can also be connected via HDMI and has digital optical audio connectivity, 3.5 mm auxiliary output and allows it to be placed on any furniture or anchored to the wall. The official price is 134.90 euros, but with the discount applied it stays at 119.99 euros.

Sharp HT-SBW182 Soundbar

Sony HT-X8500

This Sony soundbar is a 2.1ch model with Dolby Atmos / DTS: X with Vertical Surround Engine that offers deep bass and fully immersive sound. It features a compact, low-profile design, while inside it features built-in subwoofers to deliver deep bass. It also has buttons to choose the sound mode, which allows us to enjoy great sound in movies, music, news, sports or games. The original price is 400 euros, but thanks to the current discount it is possible to get it for 275.32 euros.

Soundbar Sony HT-X8500 on sale

Samsung HW-T450

200 W sound bar with wireless subwoofer that enhances the bass and that we can place where we want without any problem. A model with Bluetooth 4.2 Power One that makes it turn on and off at the same time as our television and that is capable of automatically analyzing the original sound sources to optimize the audio of each content. It has Game Mode with an automatic configuration and noise cancellation and an original price of 209.90 euros. Now, we can get it on sale at an irresistible price of 139 euros.

Soundbar Samsung HW-T450 on sale

Xiaomi Redmi TV Speaker

On this occasion, we are talking about a soundbar with bluetooth 5.0 from Xiaomi. A model with a power of 30 W, more than what most Smart TVs offer, and that is equipped with dual frequency sound units to offer a really pleasant sound. It supports wall mounting and has a price of only 76.56 euros, although after applying the discount, it remains at an unbeatable price of 61.24 euros.

Xiaomi soundbar on sale

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