Wireless doorbells with high resolution camera

One of the advantages of wireless doorbells is, as the name suggests, that they do not require complicated installations or have to wire half the house. We can find models with connectivity Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC. Maintenance is also very simple, although yes, we will have to recharge the batteries or change them when they are exhausted, something that with conventional bells is not necessary.

When choosing a model, there are several aspects or characteristics that we must take into account, with they are:

  • Scope: Depending on the technology used by the doorbell, the range will be greater or lesser, therefore, depending on the dimensions of our house, premises, chalet or farm, we will have to take this aspect into account to avoid that wireless connectivity does not offer the scope we need.
  • Materials: Depending on whether we are going to have it on the street or in a place outdoors or not, it is necessary that we review its capabilities to withstand inclement weather such as rain, air, snow or the heat itself. The material with which it is made will offer greater or less resistance to other agents.
  • Notice type: Here we can find several options, ringtones with multiple melodies, buzzing with alert lights or even those that allow us to add custom sounds. A feature to review especially if it is something that seems important to us when choosing one model or another.
  • Volume: Another aspect to take into account is the volume, especially in a large home, premises or office or even if there is normally a high level of noise. In this way, we will avoid that we do not hear the bell every time they are calling.
  • Power source: Although they are devices that consume very little energy, the truth is that we can find models that use batteries, rechargeable batteries or those that are plugged directly into the electrical voltage.
  • Price: Of course, the budget we have will make us opt for one model or another. In any case, it is best to try to choose the model that suits us by price and meets the necessary requirements for the use that we are going to give it.

Wireless doorbells with high image resolution


This Netatmo model is a smart wireless doorbell with WiFi connection, without subscription fees and equipped with a 1080p resolution camera. It has night vision, is made of waterproof materials and a people detection sensor that alerts us in real time when someone stands in front of the door of our house. Its installation is very simple, the images are safely saved on a microSD memory card and it is capable of recording images in high quality.

Netatmo Wireless Doorbell


The EuFy doorbell is a model with WiFi connectivity and that has a camera capable of recording images in Full HD resolution. It has a battery that offers autonomy of up to 120 days, does not require subscriptions and has a slim, elegant and easy-to-install design. Data storage is done safely thanks to an advanced encryption algorithm.

Eufy wireless doorbell


Wireless doorbell equipped with a camera with 1080p resolution and WiFi connectivity capable of displaying two-way video and audio to communicate with visitors. It offers compatibility with the iOS and Android operating systems to be able to see the images shown by our doorbell in real time from the mobile phone itself. It has motion detection, real-time alerts, has a wide angle lens and offers high definition video. Captures and videos can be saved to a memory card or in the cloud and it has IP55 resistance against water and dust.

GRTVF wireless doorbell


Doorbell with camera with 1080p resolution, compatible with SD cards up to 128 GB and compatible with cloud storage. It has 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity, maximum range of up to 150 m and two-way intercom. It features infrared night vision, a wide viewing angle, and is made of low-temperature resistant material. It also has a motion sensor with alerts and notifications of human presence in front of our house.

YIROKA wireless doorbell


Full HD wireless doorbell with WiFi connectivity, motion detection and intercom. It is capable of communicating directly with our smartphone, has an infrared sensor to detect all kinds of movements and is equipped with a 166-degree wide-angle lens that offers a wide field of vision even at night. It allows the connection of up to four mobile phones so that they can view the images captured by the doorbell camera.

RLIRLI wireless doorbell


Wireless Smart Doorbell with Full HD Security Camera with Motion Detection and 180 Degree Wide Angle Lens. It has WiFi connectivity, night vision and a PIR motion detector that sends an alert to our mobile phone in case of suspicious movements. Allows connection through mobile, iOS and Android, allowing viewing of the images offered by the camera remotely. It does not have water resistance, so it is recommended to install it in a sheltered place.

GXYNB Wireless Doorbell


Wireless doorbell with 1080p camera and WiFi connectivity. It has a PIR motion sensor, water resistance and night vision. It is equipped with a wide-angle lens with infrared and a storage system through an SD memory card of up to 32 GB capacity. It has a rechargeable battery that offers between 3 and 5 months of autonomy and a lifetime guarantee against theft.

YIROKA wireless doorbell


Doorbell with security video intercom with Full HD infrared night vision camera and intercom with high quality two-way communication in real time and noise cancellation for the clearest possible conversation. It also has PIR motion detection with mobile connectivity to receive any type of alert in the event of a suspicious movement. It allows to maintain a communication with the person on the other side of the doorbell through the mobile.

LV.LIFE wireless doorbell


Wireless doorbell with video camera and WiFi connectivity with 1080p resolution. Images are automatically saved to the cloud and then to the memory card. It has a 155-degree wide-angle lens that offers us a wide image that we can see from the mobile, both iOS and Android, and it has up to 52 different melodies so that we can choose the one we like the most with 4 volume levels.

Sharainn wireless doorbell


Wireless doorbell with video intercom that offers Full HD image quality through its 3-inch screen. It has a 150 degree wide angle lens, has a PIR motion detection sensor, HD infrared night vision and is made of a fairly durable material. It has an energy saving chip to increase battery life that offers a range of between 2 and 3 months.

Lv.life wireless doorbell

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