Winter time in Mexico: what day and what time does it start?

Again, the winter time in Mexico is yet to come. This means the end of summer time, it is part of autumn and that from now on the days will begin to be shorter, the nights longer and the temperatures will drop. So pay close attention and pull out your best blanket for the season!

When does winter time start in Mexico?

Will happen next 30th of October, day in which you will have to turn back your clock an hour before going to sleep.

Winter time will last six months and it will be until the last Sunday in April when we return to summer time.

Next October 20, the clock must be set back one hour to start winter time in Mexico.- Blog Hola Telcel

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Advantages of winter time

Winter time in Mexico is mostly known for having darker and shorter days compared to daylight saving time. In addition, by turning the clock back one hour, people will be able to start their daily activities accompanied by sunlight, this means that it will dawn much earlier than usual.

Some experts assure that the winter time helps people to be much more productive in the morning, since they go at the same rate as the Sun. But, it is also true that at 7:00 pm it will be completely dark and most he prefers to be at home and rest.

In fact, during winter time, the body receives fewer hours of light, so, according to experts, this favors a greater secretion of melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep to rest more and better.

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Jiminy Cricket going to sleep turning his clock back before winter time - Blog Hola Telcel

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Now you know, mark on your calendar the next October 30 and do not forget to set your clock back one hour in order to start winter time in Mexico. 😊

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