Windows is no big deal. That is huge.

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I was surprised to find the news that Microsoft will release a new version of Windows in a few weeks. I had no idea, and knowing things like that is my job.

Not so long ago, a new Windows software model was a technological highlight. Now, the debut of Windows is basically an unprecedented event. This shows that technology has evolved from a succession of Big Bang moments to something so integrated into our lives that we often don’t notice it.

The bottom line is that a lot of technology has become a big problem. And that is something very important.

Arguably the latest version of Windows as we knew it was released in 2012. I was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal at the time, and my professional life that year was dominated by the introduction of Windows 8, including anticipation, the strategy around it, and its eventual reception.

But that was basically the end of an era. New versions of Windows have since become less and less important. One important reason is that personal computers are no longer the center of our digital lives. A new iPhone model gets a lot of attention, although it shouldn’t get as much, but a Windows update doesn’t.

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