Windows 11 | The blue screen of death will now be black

Windows 11

One of the first modifications that arrive with Windows 11 is that there will no longer be the blue screen of death, since it will now be black

A few days ago the preview version of Windows 11 for developers. Although it is not present for all users, some details of the new features of the operating system from Microsoft.

Reports indicate that one of the first modifications that come with the update is that the classic one disappears blue screen of death. Since it now changes to black.

blue screen of death

It would be one of the biggest changes to blue screen of death, after the company added a sad face to the screen in 2012 and QR codes in 2016.

When there is a critical error in the system that prevents the correct execution of the operating system appears the blue screen of death (BSoD). When it appears, an automatic restart of the computer is done.

This feature was introduced in Windows 3.0 and although it has changed color over time, it has always remained blue.

Something that changes with Windows 11as it will now be black. Something that it retains is the sad face -which Microsoft added in Windows 8-, the blank text and the QR code -which was implemented with Windows 10- that allows to obtain more information when scanning it through the camera.

The fearsome blue screen of death He also replaced the word “Your PC” with “Your Device”. A device that hints that the operating system is found in convertible computers, such as the Surface Go 2.


Will the blue screen come to Windows 11?

Although the blue screen of death changed color in the developer preview of Windows 11, it is still unknown if it will arrive in the final version.

It wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft change the color of the blue screen of death and in the end it was not presented since in the versions of Windows Insider released since 2016 the screen of death was shown in green.

The black tone matches the minimalist aesthetic of the new operating system, but Microsoft will make some modifications to your design before it reaches the general public.

The new version of Windows will start arriving later this year. It will be free in those teams that already have Windows 10.

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