Windows 10X | Simple and minimalist design unlike Windows 10

Windows 10X

The layout of Microsoft’s version of the operating system is expected to be simpler and with fewer icons

In recent months there has been talk about the design what will it have Windows 10X. The version of the OS of Microsoft be simpler and with fewer icons.

From the company it was revealed that they were working on a more minimalist, light and fluid version with respect to Windows 10.

Tom Warren journalist from The Verge site shared a video where you could see the design of Windows 10X. The clip shows the login in this version, the main screen and the menu.


The start button Windows It is no longer located in the lower left part of the screen, but in the central part. The task bar Windows 10X stands out for its simplicity, with fewer icons.

The Action Center is a modified version of the Action Center for Windows 10. This function allows access to notifications and other settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, general settings, volume control, etc.

What can be seen is that the new operating system It will have a bottom bar with four icons that allows you to open the start menu, settings, the store Microsoft, the browser and the notification window and quick settings.

Is Windows 10X an upgrade from Windows 10?

It should be remembered that Windows 10X It was presented at the end of 2019 as a version dedicated to devices that had two screens like the Surface Neo. However, Microsoft is working on making them fit into single-screen teams.

According to the journalist, it is not an update of Windows 10 but a light version of the OS for certain new devices.

Windows 10X It is the evolution of Windows S, which was raised as a competition for Chrome OS but ended up being just a simplified version of Windows 10.

“Microsoft has simplified Windows to the point where it feels like a portal to the web rather than a portal to Windows applications,” writes Warren.

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