Windows 10 will prevent apps from looping when using multiscreen and coming back from sleep

MADRID, April 29 (2021) –

Microsoft has improved the integration between external displays or monitors and computers using Windows 10 to prevent apps from getting out of position every time a device is in sleep mode reused.

The latest feature developed by Microsoft addresses a technical issue that arises from a phenomenon known as fast hot plug detection (Rapid Hot Plug Detect), as announced by the US company in a statement.

Typically, when users have a second screen to a computer, portable or desktop, it is common for When returning from the idle state, the position of the apps becomes the original, even if the user had placed them differently, even gathering all the ‘applications’ on the same screen.

Now with a new feature, devices connected to multiple displays via DisplayPort mitigate application repositioning when a quick hot plug detection occurs when the user returns from sleep mode.

The new feature is now available for Members of the Windows Software Trial Program (Windows Insider), as of version 21287.

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