Windows 10 | How to be more productive during the Home Office?

Avoid distractions with this trick for Windows 10 that will help you be more productive while working remotely

One of the problems that have arisen during the Home Office it is the low productivity of some of the people. Although poor performance is accompanied by technical problems, distractions they also play an important role.

At home people are surrounded by different factors that can affect them to stay focused on Working hours.

Messages, emails, notifications and notices are just some of the distractions during the Home Office.


But in order not to lose productivity, Windows 10 offers us a feature that puts an end to interruptions during work.

It is not a new tool, as it has been present in the operating system for years, but very few people know of its existence.

This is a feature that blocks most distractions and allows people to focus for a certain period of time and can be useful during Home Office.

By using it, a person can be more productive as it allows them to focus on the tasks they have to perform at that time.

Windows 10 trick to avoid distractions during the Home Office

‘Focus assist’ or ‘Concentration assistant’ is a function that is integrated into Windows 10 but that in its previous versions it was known as ‘Do not disturb’.

“It allows you to avoid notifications that distract you when you need to stay focused”

This anointing is installed within the ‘Activity Center’ located in the lower right corner of Windows 10.


You can also configure Concentration Assistant from Start> Settings> System> Concentration Assistant.

Its icon is that of a half moon and when pressed, three options appear:

Just priority. – Shows only allowed notifications from a priority list. From the Concentration Assistant configuration you can customize this list in the corresponding link.

Only alarms. – It only shows alarms. No notifications, which will be grouped in the activity center so that you can consult them when you can or want.

Disabled. – Allows all the notifications of your applications to appear on the screen, such as: Messages, browser notifications, video calls or audio calls, reminders.

How to program the Concentration Assistant?

This useful function during Home Office it can also be programmed to activate at certain times of the day.


To do this, you just have to go to Start> Settings> System> Concentration assistant> Automatic rules you can indicate the period of hours in which this trick will be activated for Windows 10.

“It can also be activated automatically. For example, when you mirror the screen and / or when you play games. Or when you open an app in full screen. Windows will detect these activities and start the Wizard “

Although it does not prevent a user from entering an entertainment page, the ‘Concentration Assistant’ will help the person not to be aware of notifications that can deconcentrate him during the Home Office.

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