Will Wolverine return? Hugh Jackman shared photos of his possible comeback

In 2000 he appeared for the first time on the big screen Wolverine, one of the most iconic superheroes in Marvel comics and a member of the X-Men. A character in charge of Hugh jackman, who was in charge of making Logan One of the favorites. And now, after much uncertainty, the 52-year-old actor may have revealed clues about his comeback.

Wolverine Origins, Hugh Jackman excited for his return - Hello Telcel blog

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Hugh Jackman triggers hopes of his return as Wolverine

Through his official Instagram account, Hugh jackman shared a work of the graphic illustrator BossLogic, where you can see the arm of Wolverine with its characteristic claws made of adamantium, followed by a photo of himself with the Marvel Studios producer, Kevin Feige.

They are two Instagram Stories that immediately drove fans crazy, and it is that, despite not being definitive evidence of the return of Hugh jackman What Wolverine, it could be a small hint of what is to come within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Instagram Stories by Hugh Jackman, BossLogic art on Wolverine's arm and claws - Hola Telcel blog

Instagram Stories by Hugh Jackman with Kevin Feige, Comic Con 2013.- Blog Hola Telcel

Hugh jackman has repeatedly said that he completely retired from the role of Wolverine after his performance in Logan in 2017, but speculation continues about his possible return. Also, it seems that Marvel Studios has not given up and has tried to convince him.

The multiverse spreads and Wolverine doesn’t want to be left out

The return of Hugh jackman What Wolverine the multiverse that Marvel Studios is building between its characters would be something epic, especially for all those fans who are waiting for this to happen, where not only Deadpool, Fantastic 4 and the X-Men would meet with the Avengers, But also Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Wolverine as well as Deadpool, Fantastic 4 and X-men.- Blog Hola Telcel

As more details are revealed and Hugh jackman decides to share more clues about his possible return, remember that you can enjoy the complete saga of X Men by including Disney + in your current Telcel Plan. #All in the same place

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That said, it’s also important to consider that Marvel Studios, led by Kevin Feige, could be looking for a young actor to take over the reins of Wolverine, with Jackman’s help and advice.

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There are many possibilities and secret plans that can come up, but tell us, would you like Hugh Jackman to return as Logan?

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